Horse Crystals

Horse Crystals is a young company that strives for high-quality and high service.
Something that staterted as a hobby got its own identity. We design handmade products which can be composed by the wishes of our customers. We only use high-quality, luxury materials in combination with Swarovski crystals, which are known by their enchanting brilliance and luxury.

We are also resellers of Bridle2Fit bridles. Bridle2Fit is a unique concept with high-quality bridles, which can also be composed by your own wishes end sizes, a perfect combination with the Horse Crystals browband.

To make it all complete we also deliver Neue Schule bits, these anatomically shaped bits are specially designed for optimal communication between rider and horse.

Our products are available separately, but can be combined perfectly with each other. For the perfect composition of products, for both you and your horse. The look you've always wanted, but with the ultimate comfort for the horse.


The combination of these products makes Horse Crystals a unique concept.