Horse Crystals browbands

Our browbands are an absolute eye-catcher on the head of your horse. The front straps are made of smooth leather with a "wave" shape as standard. Due to the use of supple leather, the browband falls beautifully and elegantly on the horse's head. The browbands are fitted with Swarovski® crystals, which are known for their enchanting sparkle.

The Swarovski® crystals we work with are set in a silver sleeve that is pressed through the leather and secured to the back of the browband. By this method we can guarantee that the crystals do not fall out. We give a two-year guarantee on the failure of the crystals.

The back of the browband is finished with a supple leather. This finish makes the browband comfortable for your horse and easy to clean.

To keep our browbands in optimal condition, we recommend that you regularly clean the leather with leather products. The Swarovski® crystals can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a soft brush with all-purpose cleaner.

Horse Crystals has put together an extensive collection for you, but it is of course also possible to choose your own design or color combination. We are happy to help you with this.