Crystal Horseshoe

A horseshoe of your horse set with Swarovski® crystals! A wonderful keepsake!

A Crystal Horseshoe is a (used) horseshoe that is set with numerous Swarovski crystals. You can choose which colors these crystals should be.
The horseshoe is placed in a frame, you can choose between a white and black frame. The inside of the frame, against which the horseshoe lies, is covered with a chic, soft fabric. Here too you can choose which color you want: black, anthracite, mouse grey and majestic blue.

A name plate is placed under the horseshoe, on which the name and date of birth of your horse can be engraved. You can choose from a gold, silver or bronze colored nameplate. A super chic souvenir of your horse!

For information about the custom work Crystal Horseshoe, please contact us.
Because the Crystal Horseshoe is a personalized item, we have a delivery time of 10 to 14 days

For more information about the customized Crystal Horseshoe Revolution, please contact us.