Swarovski is an Austrian company that mainly produces and designs luxury goods. With 120 years of experience in crystal creations, Swarovski is one of the most renowned and leading crystal manufacturers in the world.

Swarovski is associated with a swan's logo and the finest crystals in existence. Although the shape varies, the crystals all have the same height, inclination angle and width thanks to Swarovski's renowned and unique grinding style, which is accomplished by calculating each direction of reflective light, these calculations are then processed in programs for complex glass cutting machines. These unique glass cutters create a beauty that competitors are still unable to recreate.

Be enchanted by the fantastic sparkles of the Swarovski crystals.

Horse Crystals offers a selection of exclusive crystal products. We work with different sizes and colors of Swarovski crystals, which we have divided into the following sizes;

Small                   S   4 mm

Medium              M    6 mm

Large                   L   8 mm

Extra large         XL   10 mm